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Impermeabilizare textile


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SurfaPore H is an innovative water-based formulation that can be easily applied on textiles such as cotton and leather without chang-
ing their original appearance. It protects and waterproofs furniture, carpets, curtains and surfaces covered with textiles, assuring
that water and dirt are effectively repelled by chemical forces. Oily threats, such as food or grease, cannot penetrate and cannot stain
the treated surfaces. SurfaPore H modified surfaces pick up dirt harder, their clean appearance lasts longer and can be easily cleaned.
SurfaPore H is a water-based, liquid formulation which acts as a surface modification agent on oxidic, carboxy- and hydroxyfunc-
tional substrates such as natural fibers like cotton and leather. SurfaPore H forms a thin layer by chemically bonding to the substrate
system while subsequent horizontal crosslinking takes place forming 2- and 3-dimensional networks. Thus the created coating is chemi-
cally and mechanically stable preventing water and oil from penetrating. Modified surfaces underlie minimal change to the original
natural appearance.

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